Prefabricated Reinforcement

Our prefabricated reinforcements are factory-made reinforcements solutions in the form of a cage which helps in the construction of structural elements on-site. We manufacture our cages with semi-automated processes under strict QC rules in factory environment. The turn around time of our QC standards is high.. Coupled with an experienced technical team, we study construction drawings to customize precage products detailed to suit site conditions and complexity.


Our prefabricated reinforcement cages (Precages) are one of the prefabrication solutions aimed at helping customers raise productivity standards in construction. We do this by working closely with customers to deliver solutions that are customized to the project.



The Benefits:


   - Faster and more accurate placement of reinforcement on site

   - Eliminates steel losses on site

   - Reduces problem of on-site steel identification

   - Saves labour

   - Saves time on maintaining contract programme

   - High QC standars


Supply Rebar For:


   - Beams

   - Columns and Pile -Caps

   - Slab

   - Foundation Wall

   - Pad and Footing

   - Stair

   - Base and Floor Slabs


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