Health & Safety

A respect and understanding of industry standards is key and health & safety is our first priority. INTERFAB INC. Rebar & Fabrication follows the latest in safety practices and security procedures and has established directives and standards that are clear for everyone.


Guaranteeing  the safety of our staff will always be out first priority over any other consideration, followed by quality and delivery time. No job is so important that it has to be done without taking all possible precautions to avoid an accident.


Providing a safe work environment for our employees so that they return home to their families every night happy and healthy is our first priority




Lock out/ tag out

Employees must be trained on all lock-out and tag-out procedures and follow them at all times. Always verify energy isolation before any work begins to protect yourself & others from danger. Confirm with the supervisor that it is safe to begin work.

Formal & Informal Hazard Inspections

Every team member must be vigilant & focused at all times and constantly aware of their surroundings. Always check your tools & work environment not only at the beginning of the task but throughout the day to be aware of any potential hazards.

Cell Phone policy

Never use a cellphone while driving or operating equipment. The operators attention must stay focused on the task at hand. Passengers and coworkers are responsible to insist that the equipment or vehicle is stopped if someone is using a cellphone while at the controls.


Employees must be not trained and skills verified for the equipment being operated. Employees must demonstrate not only proper safe working procedures but a strong awareness of hazard identification & hazard control/elimination.

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